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"The Adventures of Luntik" or simply "Luntik" is a Russian animated series for children of preschool age. It is the story of a small fluffy creature, Luntik, who was born on the Moon and fell from it, on to the Earth. Luntik is the main character and each episode features a story about him and his friends. Luntik is new to the Earth and in each episode he learns something about this new world. He meets new friends, learns how to be polite and even gets a family. The majority of the characters in the series are small animals: insects, fish, frogs, bees, grasshoppers, ladybugs etc. The show features both adult and children characters. The series are shown from the child's perspective and the stories are very kind and warm. Even the "villains" of the series - two caterpillars - are just a couple of mischievous kids. Each episode is only 6 minutes long and has a finished story line.

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Країна: RU

Студія: Russia-1, Carousel, Russia-Kultura, KinoPoisk HD

Тривалість виконання: 6:14 хвилини

Якість: HD

Перша повітряна дата: Sep 01, 2006

Остання дата повітря: Jul 05, 2021

Епізод: 529 Епізод

сезон: 10 сезон

IMDb: 6.7

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