Kisah Untuk Geri

Kisah Untuk Geri

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This "story for geri" tells the story of a Garuda high school student named Dinda and Geri. Dinda is known as the queen bee of The Satan gang and a child of a member of the DPR, Geri is a student who is quite famous, because of his mischief at school. are sworn enemies, the enmity began during the School Orientation Period. Dinda, who became the Primadona at her school, had a luxurious lifestyle, was always praised, the inversely proportional to her father being a suspect in a corruption case. Until finally her living conditions changed quickly, fell in an instant. All the attention she liked was lost. The only way to restore it all is to ask Geri to be his girlfriend so that he can be his protector and at the same time become a material for revenge against Jia, the enemy of Dinda. Then in the end Dinda understands that with Geri is injury and disaster for him and is the starting gate to the pain of heartbreak.-bioskopin21


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Країна: ID

Студія: iflix, WeTV

Тривалість виконання: 26:14 хвилини

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Перша повітряна дата: Mar 05, 2021

Остання дата повітря: Apr 16, 2021

Епізод: 9 Епізод

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IMDb: 2

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