Flint. Redemption

Flint. Redemption

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An anonymous veteran arrives by boat to a small town being terrorized by a corrupt police force. Circumstances result in the police force led by its senior officer chasing the veteran into the forest outside of town. Armed only with his knife and the items he finds in derelict buildings he uses his special forces training to defeat the well armed but undisciplined police searching for him.

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Посада: Алексей Моисеев, Vladimir Yepifantsev

Земља: RU


Време трајања: 26:14 минута

Квалитет: HD

Први ваздушни датум: Apr 14, 2013

Последњи ваздушни датум: May 05, 2013

Епизода: 4 Епизода

Сезона: 1 Сезона

IMDb: 10

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