Hotel Eleon

Hotel Eleon

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The new series of CTC, which will continue the story of the hit comedy "Kitchen". Chef Victor Barinov retired and Eleanor Andreevna met the man of her dreams and moved to St. Petersburg - this ended the final season of "Kitchen". But life in the hotel and the restaurant continues: Michael Dzhekovich still responsible for order in the "Eleon" chef Victor restaurant appointed Senya, and her daughter gets an unexpected boost, which is not pleased with the bone. Everything goes on as usual, while the hotel is not headed by Paul - unlucky nephew of former mistress. In order not to disappoint Aunt and save the business, he entices Brussels Supermenedzher Sofia Tolstaya. New management sets its own rules, and now the hotel is waiting for major changes that overturned upside down not only the habitual way of "Eleon", but the characters and personal plans.

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Χώρα: RU

Στούντιο: STS

Χρόνος εκτέλεσης: 30:14 λεπτά

Ποιότητα: HD

Πρώτη ημερομηνία αέρα: Nov 28, 2016

Τελευταία ημερομηνία αέρα: Dec 21, 2017

Επεισόδιο: 63 Επεισόδιο

Εποχή: 3 Εποχή

IMDb: 4